Corporate Services

Thank you for visiting our Corporate Services page. We hope that we can be of assistance in meeting your recruitment needs.

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to develop a strategy best suited for each individual company. Our commitment is to thoroughly understand your business culture, personality and style so that we may efficiently assist you in placing the most qualified candidates into your organization.

Should you wish to learn more about the services we offer, whether or not you have an open position at this time, please contact us via email or call us directly at (561) 637-5777. Rest assured that all information you provide will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.


Our recruitment service is designed to simplify the hiring process and minimize the risks that usually accompany the tedious process of hiring. We are retail industry professionals that understand the challenges of today’s environment. Every assignment is approached with one goal in mind: The long term success of both our client and our candidates. We specialize in recruiting all levels of management at both the corporate and retail level.  We offer both contingency and retained search services.

We believe that true partnership is a marathon, not a sprint. We have the flexibility to customize our services to ensure we can meet your needs.




Partnership is imperative during the search.  We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to develop a strategy best suited for each individual company.  This means we are flexible to working with you on terms that you are most comfortable with.  We are happy to adjust our process to better suit your needs.

Understanding your company is a must.  Our commitment is to thoroughly understand the company’s business goals and objectives, as well as cultural “personality and style.”  We recognize that a candidate’s ability to be successful in the role is not just about technical expertise.

This process includes in-depth conversation with Human Resources, and one or more of the key decision makers that will be involved in the interview process.

We also appreciate the opportunity to make an on-site visit and store tour.  We found that firsthand knowledge of the company better enables us to talk about the opportunity with our candidates, and to qualify them accordingly.

Transparency is the key to timing and success.  We ask that you provide feedback from all interviews with our candidates.  Sharing the strengths and weaknesses of the individual will enable us to better work together and allow us to get the right person more quickly.  We also ask that you are open to feedback received from the candidate, as there are times when the search is a learning process for both parties.


  • Personal information: family, home owner/real estate concerns
  • Salary history and desired compensation
  • Reasons for leaving previous employers
  • In depth description of responsibilities
  • Challenges/Successes with previous employer and position
  • Ability to provide track record and detailed explanation of accomplishments 
  • Questions regarding personal management/leadership style
  • Leadership and culture style the candidate performs best within
  • Understanding the most important criteria our candidate needs to accept a position
  • Questionnaire – tailored to level of role and client the search is conducted for. This is used as basis for our interview and filled out during this time. All of our interviews are done via phone or video conference.
  • 360 degree reference information through references that are provided and through our industry network
  • Background Check including criminal, credit, driving record, civil suits, etc.


ASSESSMENT: We use an on-line assessment tool that is designed to provide an overview of the leadership approach.  The material pertains to the way a leader will tend to react and respond in a variety of settings.  This information can provide the insight into whether the candidate is aligned with your current profile, and is a tool designed to be a companion to in-person interviews.


SCHEDULING- We will assist you in coordinating all interviews – including travel arrangements if needed.

FEEDBACK- We will provide feedback from the candidate on interest level throughout process.

NEGOTIATING- We will assist you in negotiating the offer to maximize potential of a positive outcome. Please note that Samuel J. Associates’ “locks” in our fee at the time the first offer is extended, and will be based on that number.  If there is a negotiation that results in a higher base salary, our fee is not going to increase accordingly.

FOLLOW-UP- We will stay in touch with the candidate to ensure the transition is a smooth one.  We will also visit with the candidate periodically, and keep you informed if there are any concerns along the way.  While we have a guarantee period, we are flexible.  If you are approaching the end of the guarantee time period and you have concerns regarding the candidate’s performance, we will provide you the additional time you need in hopes of a successful outcome for both you and the new hire.   If the result is the individual not continuing employment, we will honor our commitment to replace the position at no additional cost.