Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market

As the CEO of Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, I’d like to tell you about Samuel J. Associates and how they greatly helped me and my company. Samuel J. Associates consultants, delivers practical advice, gains the long-term trust of clients, and creates unique working relationship that makes you feel like they are part of the company’s team.
I have used Samuel J. Associates both in making a career change as well as hiring new associates to Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market. What sets Samuel J. Associates apart from other search firms is their ability to carefully listen to each person and discover what their needs are on an individual basis. They always make themselves available; connect the right people to the right company in ways that offer immediate, visible results.
They understand the food retail business, know what is happening in the industry and are ahead of the curve with their ability to locate and deliver a quality candidate in short amount of time. The customer service that Samuel J. Associates before, during and after the placement process in genuinely impressive and unique in this business!

Ryan Youngman
Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market

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