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Helping the Retail Industry to Achieve a Successful Future by Bringing Innovative Leaders & Companies Together. 

A true alternative to these resources offers a very high level of industry knowledge, practical experience, know-how, contacts and confidentiality. Clients must know that working with Samuel J. Associates will provide an unparalleled  understanding of current trends, a deep network of industry professionals and an unwavering focus on helping our clients succeed. Samuel J. Associates will provide a more professional way to recruit than working with Internet job sites or other search firms. Our passion is the industry we serve, success of our clients and building relationships that will last well into the future. Samuel J. Associates is also an excellent place to work, a professional environment that is challenging, rewarding and respectful of ideas and individuals.

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Notable rises were those of Meijer, up five slots to No. 7 from last year’s No. 12; Hy-Vee, up three spots to No. 12; Giant Eagle, up two spaces to No. 14; Demoulas Super Markets, operator of Market Basket stores, up seven spots to…https://t.co/tZI3nPQmZY https://t.co/e1wn96aLrJ

Whole Foods saw a 16.5% increase in foot traffic in Q1 2019 compared to the first quarter of 2018, according to a new report from inMarket. The increase may be attributed to incentives for Amazon’s 90 million Prime members. The num…https://t.co/TDHcZGWmLk https://t.co/5QPyuICwNI

Interesting piece on Stew Leonard’s “Stew’s Tank” (the company’s version of Shark Tank!) as a way to engage customers and support local vendors. It’s about continuing to create a destination business that is all about keeping retai…https://t.co/JNVi6lF7E1 https://t.co/pFLYQTCJwe

“In any grocery store, the customer’s first objective is pantry fill — ” Niemann says. “But we created a different atmosphere. These customers want to talk. They want to know. They want to experience. They want to taste. They’re th…https://t.co/eG957mcwa3 https://t.co/7oDpYM4AWZ

A longtime stronghold for the beloved Publix chain, Florida is getting shaken up as new players enter the stage while legacy players evolve to gain market share. This includes Walmart, which has 231 supercenters and 97 Neighborhood…https://t.co/0VDUXIJVfh https://t.co/xHXeEgSO8e

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