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Helping the Retail Industry to Achieve a Successful Future by Bringing Innovative Leaders & Companies Together. 

A true alternative to these resources offers a very high level of industry knowledge, practical experience, know-how, contacts and confidentiality. Clients must know that working with Samuel J. Associates will provide an unparalleled  understanding of current trends, a deep network of industry professionals and an unwavering focus on helping our clients succeed. Samuel J. Associates will provide a more professional way to recruit than working with Internet job sites or other search firms. Our passion is the industry we serve, success of our clients and building relationships that will last well into the future. Samuel J. Associates is also an excellent place to work, a professional environment that is challenging, rewarding and respectful of ideas and individuals.

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Sinclair has 35 years of experience in grocery and retail, previously serving as CEO of 99 Cents Only Stores. He also previously was EVP of the U.S. grocery division for Walmart, where he led all aspects of the mass retailer’s gro…https://t.co/yhti0muPcJ https://t.co/NGUwx12XXq

Inserra Supermarkets Inc. has a motto that serves as a guideline for the 23 ShopRite stores it operates: "Eat Well, Be Happy."
Like many supermarkets, the produce department greets shoppers as they enter the store. This 4,000-squar…https://t.co/Sm8MXvodx5 https://t.co/w6W4q3xr8a

“Dollar General is excited to work with FedEx to offer customers a secure, convenient pickup and drop-off location,” said Jason Reiser, the retailer's executive vice president and chief merchandising officer. “This collaboration fu…https://t.co/NYjalg8ToE https://t.co/aFaiGizomA

As Walmart outsources finance and accounting work to New York-based professional services firm Genpact, the retail giant is laying off 569 employees at a corporate office in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September. Walmart has alwa…https://t.co/YZRzAFlXzh https://t.co/NQl95mJONn

Reid has been president of Giant Food since joining the 165-store, Washington, D.C.-area chain in late 2013. He had more than 35 years of international retail experience, including various management roles at Tesco, Boots, A.S. Wat…https://t.co/mBpKZqHRV8 https://t.co/OTv6Ud7q9Y

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